Wednesday, August 25, 2010

We Would Like to Hear Your Questions

Ever since July 21 of this year when Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke described the economy as "unusually uncertain," stocks and bonds have moved in opposite directions.  Bond prices shot much higher in a flight to safety, and stock prices fell.  A year ago, everyone was worried about inflation.  In recent weeks however, some economists are now predicting deflation.

In recent posts, we have explained what we believe to be the best places to put money in these uncertain times.  We believe now as much as ever in our rising dividend style of management, which primarily invests in companies paying ever-increasing dividends year after year.  However, we realize that there are many questions and concerns that we have not addressed that you may wish to have answered.

We'd like to hear these questions that are on your mind.  Over the next few weeks we are going to conduct an initiative to field as many of your concerns and questions related to the economy, investing, and the companies we invest in as we can.  We invite you to write your questions in the box on the right side bar of the blog and click the submit button.  This process will keep your identity completely anonymous.  Please don't hesitate to ask away.  We will combine the questions into similar groups and begin answering them with as much supporting data in the days and weeks to come.


The DCM Investment Committee

Randy Alsman
Rick Roop
Mike Hull
Greg Donaldson