Thursday, June 22, 2006

Odd Lots: Some New Functions

We have made some modification to the blog that we believe our readers will find helpful. In the right sidebar you will note three new headings: Categories, About Us, and Links. The "Categories" sidebar provides a link to a search page showing all the blogs we have written concerning the five general subjects listed. For instance, if you want to know what we have been saying over the past year and a half concerning the economy, you can click the Economy button and see all blogs that we have written that deal with the economy. The other general topics of Dividend Growth, Stocks, and The Market link to our comments pertaining to these general subjects. All of the categories are in chronological order so you can see what our batting average is on the calls we have made at critical junctures. You might like to go back and see the series of blogs we wrote on the economic implications of Hurricane Katrina. You will see that we wrote about Katrina on September 1st, 6th, and the 16th. The "About Us" sidebar is something everyone has been requesting -- pictures and bios of our key staff people. We have completed the section that covers the portfolio managers. The pictures of some of the Client Service people are shown, and more pictures and bios will be added soon. Please spend some time looking through the bios. We have a collection of outstanding people on our team. Now you will be able to put a face with a voice when you call. You will notice the heading DCM Quarterly Letters is also under "About Us". DCM Quarterly Letters links to a sort of White Paper collection of reports we have written over the years pertaining to various topics in the economy and the markets. The final new addition to the blog is the "Links" section. For now, we are listing only two links: Dividend News and Companies Increasing Their Dividends. Both of these links exit the Donaldson Capital Management blog and connect with the website You may be particularly interested in the link to Companies Increasing Dividends. This link shows all dividend increases for the past month. The Dividend News link is a real-time display of all dividend news. We do not use our blog to make political comments (well, sometimes). It's focus is very narrow: companies that reward their shareholders with a consistent stream of rising dividends. We do try to address the big issues in the economy, but our main mission is the educate and inform people that there is another way to invest. One that is much more peaceful, much more predictable, and yet, in the long run, offers solid profit potential. We have been doing this for a long time, and we firmly believe that once you really understand the Rising Dividend investment strategy, you will never go back to "trading stocks on rumors and tips."