Wednesday, November 30, 2005

The Evansville Client Dinner -- It was a Blast

Donaldson Capital held its annual client appreciation dinner in Evansville last night. The event was held at the Evansville Museum of Arts and Science. We ate a wonderful meal surrounded by beautiful art and artifacts. Everything went great except for our Texas friends hanging their coats on a piece of contemporary art, which they mistook for a coat rack. Mike Hull offered our thank yous to clients old and new and shared a bit of our strategy for the future. I cut my speech in half at the request of some of the oldtimers, who said the wine, hors d'ouevres, and conversation were more fun than speech making. I have to agree, but I still got my 8 charts on the wall which showed some of the research that we have conducted on dividends and their correlations to prices. It was a great night, and the only person I saw nod off was JWB (he's heard it all before). For those of you who were there, that is the reason I had to pick on him a little. He's promised to get his beauty rest next year. Blessings to all of you. You are our only reason to be. You humble us with your kindness and your trust. We are deeply honored to serve you. As I said earlier, we will be having other dinners in cities where we work in the months ahead.