Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Welcome Aboard

We want to welcome all the clients of Donaldson Capital Management to our blogsite. We hope you enjoy the rest of the Summer Stroll. Please begin at Summer Stroll # 1 and work your way up to the current article. This discussion of dividend investing is wide ranging yet very specific. We will be discussing in detail how we arrive at purchase decisions. Unfortunately because this site in now open to the public, we will not speak in great detail about why we like one stock over another one. The Summer Stroll is to help you acquaint yourself with how to think about what dividends mean to the investment process and how we came to understand their significance. Please ask any questions that come to mind. That is the best way to understand what we are saying and also it is the best way for us to find out where you are in your understanding of the determinants of the intrinsic value of a stock. The Stroll continues, Greg Donaldson