Thursday, April 21, 2005

A Summer Stroll -- Part 1

Many of you reading this blog may already be dividend believers, and all I have to do is say dividend, and it has a fully formed meaning to you. I would be willing to guess that many of your fully formed good feelings about dividends are wrong. Others of you are absolutely clueless as to dividends having any value at all. You don't know that you are wrong, but you are. I think I know a lot about dividends, but I'm sure I'm off base in some areas, as well. I'd like to take a stroll this summer with any of you who want to come along and move beyond the concept of the dividend to the reality of what it means to invest, and what we mortals can expect. To do that I want to tell you a story. I will do it in small snippets, so I can be consistent and get us through this by the end of the summer. You may pass along this blogsite to anyone you like for our journey, and please do so. I find I understand what I know and believe, best, through other people's questions. I can't answer every question, but I'll try to give a general reply to areas of questions. This blogsite is an inhouse organ of a money management firm. It will be open only until the fall. After that we will close the door and only allow our clients and employees to view it. It is now open to the public to see how many people have an interest in dividends and are they digging deeply enough to find us. Within in the next few days, I will begin the walk. Get ready, I think you'll find it interesting.